November 14, 2017

Housekeeping Service

Domestic Housekeeping Service


  • Polite behavior of personnel
  • Provide highly effective solutions
  • Rendered at budget-friendly costs

Industrial Housekeeping Service


  • We employ well trained and qualified staff
  • Proper maintenance and cleaning
  • Timely executed

Commercial Housekeeping Service


  • Excellent hospitality service offered by our professionals
  • Helps in minimizing cost
  • No hidden cost is included in the service

Our Housekeeping cleaning are as follows:

  • Lobby, Offices, Boardrooms & Showrooms:
  • Corridors, Elevators, Stairwells & Landings:
  • Eating Areas/Cafeterias/Kitchenettes:
  • Washrooms Cleaning:
  • Window Cleaning:
  • Carpet Cleaning:
  • Parking Lot Maintenance:
  • General Issues:
    • Notify building contact of any irregularities.
    • Turn off all designated lights, close windows & lock all doors.
    • Customer service visits.
    • Review with on-site cleaners & area supervisor.
    • Review/check communication log.
  • Emergency Clean Up Services:
    • As required by client
  • Cleaning Chemicals:
    • All chemicals like Floor Cleaner, Bowl Cleaner, Hard surface Cleaner, Glass cleaner, Hand wash, carpet shampoo, Upholstery Bright etc are purchased by John Diversify Limited (Hindustan Lever Limited).
  • Cleaning soft tools:
    • All soft tools like Dolly mops, Squeezing bucket, floor wipers, glass wipers, scrubbers, Table dusters, Glass duster, Dry mops etc are purchased by Kleenol India Limited.
  • Disinfections Materials:
    • All disinfections material like Naphthalene balls, fresheners, odonil cubes, phenol etc purchased by Minichem India Limited.
  • Cleaning machines:
    • All these imported machines are sourced from best names in the cleaning industry such as TASKI, KARCHER, DENSIN, ROOTS, and EUREKA, etc.

Housekeeping services are usually provided, as necessary, with the aid of the following equipment:

    • Wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners
    • Suction and mechanical sweepers
    • Floor scrubbing machines
    • Single disc high-speed buffing/burnishing/ polishing machines
    • Injection extraction machines for carpet cleaning
    • Telescopic Window Cleaning Equipment

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